4 Reasons Why Not to Sleep Wearing Dentures

People get dentures for various reasons. Some wear them to get a smile makeover, others because they have suffered from dental complications in the past, but regardless the reason, you may feel very grateful for being able to show off your pearly whites once again, eat things you were not able to in the past, speak with clarity and, best of all, smile once more with confidence. It is for these reasons, and many others, that caring for your dentures is an important step to maintaining good oral health. Brushing your dentures regularly with a special soft-bristle denture brush and rinsing your mouth after eating are obvious things that help you look after your false teeth, but something many people do not realize is how important it is to remove your dentures at night before bed. Below, we will discuss 4 reasons why sleeping off wearing your dentures must be avoided in order to ensure good dental and overall health.

1. Your gums can get sore

Wearing dentures can be quite hard on the mouth, especially on the gums and jaw bone. The reason for this is because these areas are the ones mainly responsible for keeping your dentures in place. If you do not remove your dentures before bed, it is very likely that your gums will get red and swollen because of the constant pressure applied by your denture. In order to avoid sores and inflammation, remove your dentures before bed.

2. Chances of getting pneumonia greatly increases

Studies have shown that your chances of getting pneumonia greatly increase if you wear your dentures at night because of two main reasons. Firstly, by leaving your dentures in 24 hours a day, you are creating an ideal breeding space for bacteria which can then be inhaled into your lungs and lead to the contraction of pneumonia. Secondly, because of the act of swallowing saliva is made more difficult when you wear dentures, you are more likely to force that moisture into your lungs which can also lead to chest infections such as pneumonia. Therefore, be sure to remove your dentures at night to facilitate swallowing and to prevent bacteria, such as yeast, from entering your lungs.

3. Chances of getting denture-related stomatitis greatly increases

Denture-related stomatitis basically comes down to an infected palate. This condition is very visible because, when contracted, the roof of the mouth becomes red and inflamed due to over-exposure to mouth bacteria. It is most common in people that wear full upper dentures and so, if this is your case, be sure to remove it at night to avoid infecting the tissues beneath the denture.

4. Resorption and bone loss accelerate

Resorption occurs when the bones under the gums become thinner and more brittle due to the constant pressure of wearing dentures. As a result, the new shape of your jaw can cause your false teeth to not fit properly and therefore, effortlessly fall out. Also, by affecting the bone structure in your face, resorption can make you experience unwanted changes in your facial expressions and looks.

Caring for your false teeth, whether it be for partial or full denture, is an important step in maintaining good oral health. Doing things such as brushing your teeth with specialized denture brushes, rinsing your mouth regularly and, as we’ve discussed, removing your dentures at night are all very important steps in ensuring denture care. Also, visiting your denture clinic regularly is highly recommended as it may prevent dental complications caused by false teeth such as infections and diseases.

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