Save yourself from these hassles (and added expenses) by avoiding these five denture care bad habits that we see people often make:

1. Not wearing them regularly

It may sound odd, but you’ll be surprised by how often people forget (or ignore) to wear their dentures.

Dentures are designed to be worn, so make sure you wear them regularly. If you don’t, then your dentures could dry out and deform (especially if they’re not soaked in water when you aren’t wearing them).

And if your dentures are new, wearing them regularly will help your mouth get used to them sooner, making your adjustment period shorter.

(Important reminder: Although you should wear your dentures regularly, you also shouldn’t wear your dentures all the time, 24/7. See below.)

2. Not taking them off before going to bed

As much as you should wear your dentures regularly, you also need to give your mouth and gums a break from your dentures daily. In regards to denture care, the best time to take off your dentures is when you’re sleeping since you won’t have to face people or do anything else while asleep.

Unfortunately, many denture wearers forget to take off their dentures before bed and end up wearing their dentures while sleeping.

Not only is forgetting to remove your dentures not good for your oral hygiene, but it can also keep more bacteria in your mouth that could result in infection.

So do your best to remove your dentures and clean them properly (see below) before sleeping every night.

3. Not cleaning them regularly

Some people’s idea of cleaning dentures is to simply remove their dentures and place them in a glass of water where they can soak. Others, meanwhile, only clean their dentures when they’re about to go to the dentist.

Not only is this bad for your oral hygiene, but it could also make your dentures deteriorate more quickly. If you don’t clean your dentures regularly, then it could harbour germs and bacteria that will continue to grow over time and cause your dentures to become worn and smelly.

4. Not cleaning them properly

If you want your dentures to last, it’s not enough to make sure you clean them regularly. You also need to make sure you’re cleaning them properly.

Unfortunately, many denture owners clean their dentures incorrectly or with the wrong tools. Some of the denture care cleaning mistakes we see people make include:

  • Using toothpaste – Toothpaste has abrasive properties that could damage the surface of your dentures.
  • Using a hard brush – Hard bristles can scratch your dentures that could lead to plaque build-up on the surfaces.
  • Soaking them in hot water – Hot water can warp your dentures and change their shape.

To properly clean your dentures, simply rinse or soak them in lukewarm water and then brush them gently with a soft-bristle brush to remove food particles. You can also try using specially made denture cleaners if they need a more thorough clean.

5. DIY Repairs

Yes, it’s tempting to fix minor breaks or adjust the fit of your dentures on your own.

But in most cases, it’s simply not worth it.

Most dentures have complicated designs and structures whose fit and comfort can change even with the slightest adjustment. They also often require special tools and expertise to adjust correctly.

So unless you know exactly what you’re doing and have the right tools to do it, it’s best to leave denture repairs and adjustments with your denture professional.

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You might also be interested in our denture care guide and our 7 things to know about dentures blog. If you have any other questions or enquiries, feel free to send us a message and get in touch with our Brisbane denture clinic team today.

Updated 29 June 2020

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