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For all denture indications, the Bio-functional Prosthetic System (also known as the BPS®) is our system of choice at Denture Health Care. What makes BPS dentures so outstanding? These precision dentures are the result of a coordinated system of products, instruments, set-up techniques and comprehensive training which are all available exclusively to certified BPS® clinics.

The use of the BPS® includes denture indications such as the following:

The goal with these types of dentures, including our BPS suction dentures is to provide the patient with what’s best for them individually. This is done using instrumentation, training, and the materials necessary to create the highest of quality dentures available, which is something we pride ourselves on here at Denture Health Care.

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Denture Health Care is one of only a few certified BPS® clinics in Australia, so contact us to book an appointment at our denture clinic and realise the benefits of BPS® dentures for yourself.

The BPS Dentures Difference

The desired outcome for all our patients is only able to be achieved with a complete system of coordinated materials that covers everything from impression taking to fitting the denture themselves. This is exactly what the BPS® delivers – it is a system providing professional expertise and nothing short of quality products, being considered the standard for aesthetics, comfort, fit, and functionality when it comes to dentures.

Our BPS complete dentures will provide you with the confidence you need along with optimal functionality to live life the way you want, including eating, speaking, laughing, and having a general great time with no stress. With sophisticated and precision instrumentation, your facial information is carefully recorded to recreate the character of your smile and restore the natural contour of your lips and facial muscles the right way.

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Dentures That Mimic Your Natural Teeth

Premium SR Phonares II and SR Vivodent SPE dentures are used as part of the Bio-functional Prosthetic System, both of which mimic your natural teeth.

These specific dentures have been specially designed to match the characteristics of individual patients. The moulds of the teeth are available with “soft” and “bold” characteristics. Each soft and bold category is further subdivided into the three age groups – youthful, universal and mature.

The SR Phonares II dentures are distinguished by a high-quality surface texture that endows the tooth moulds with a true-to-nature vitality. The proximal surfaces are designed to tightly fit together, enhancing the “white aesthetics” of the restoration. The teeth displayed on these dentures feature a well-balanced composure of translucency, opalescence, and fluorescence.

Built with a nano-hybrid composite, these dentures are crafted with a nano-hybrid composite, characterised by a level of strength, resistance to wear, tolerance and durability.

SR Vivodent SPE are distinctive anterior teeth that are used for sophisticated needs. The PE layers and high shade intensity creates a very lifelike appearance. The moulds fulfil the essential requirement of modern denture teeth. The new teeth are made entirely of highly cross-linked DCL polymer (double cross-linked). The material displays a higher compressive strength but a similar flexibility to that of conventional PMMA. As a result, extended denture longevity can be expected.

The Revolutionary IvoBase Injection System

The way your dentures are processed contributes immensely to how they will fit and function for you. Conventional methods result in shrinkage of the denture base, causing discomfort and oral issues for denture wearers. In the BPS®, state-of-the-art equipment is used to form the denture base providing nothing short of complete comfort and outstanding wearability.

At Denture Health Care, our BPS® precision dentures are processed by the revolutionary IvoBase Injection System. The IvoBase system is designed for the fabrication of both partial and BPS complete dentures in conventional and implant prosthetics.

Injection moulding and polymerisation are performed by the injector in an automated procedure. The chemical shrinkage of the material is fully compensated during the polymerisation due to the patented thermal management of the flask and the heating system. This allows the fabrication of high-precision denture bases offering unparalleled accuracy of fit.

The injection technology used in the IvoBase system results in a denture that will provide you with the best fit possible and superior results in removable dental prosthetics – which is exactly what you want from a good denture.

BPS® Dentures from Denture Health Care

It’s not hard to see why BPS® dentures look and fit better. At Denture Health Care, we take great pride in being certified to use BPS®, making us one of the few denture clinics in Australia to offer this high-quality system that provides you with well-fitting dentures.

Choose a clinic that really cares about your dentures. At our Brisbane denture clinic, we put our patients first, ensuring we manufacture BPS dentures that fit like no other denture. Experience the benefits of BPS® dentures by contacting us on 1300 304 092 to book an appointment or reach out online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bio-functional Prosthetic System (BPS) dentures provide an efficient solution to create comfortable, aesthetically pleasing dentures. This interconnected process ensures that the user is able to enjoy a functional prosthesis with life-like results every time.

Absolutely, the material employed to craft these dentures fulfils all contemporary standards pertaining to denture fabrication and even offers a degree of suppleness akin to that provided by traditional structures.

BPS dentures are at the apex of aesthetic excellence due to their meticulous scanning process that captures the nuances of your face, lips, and muscles. Furthermore, they only use materials that achieve a remarkably lifelike appearance.

Replacing lost teeth can help prevent dramatic changes such as sagging and wrinkles, although some of these issues may still occur.

To answer that question accurately requires a consultation. Contact us online or call 1300 304 092 to schedule one today.

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