If you play a lot of sport, you may have decided to get custom mouthguards. You might be someone who needs a mouthguard to stop you from grinding your teeth at night in which case you might have just opted for over-the-counter mouthguards that many Brisbane chemists sell. No matter what camp you fall in, you might have had the thought at some point in time of “can mouthguards straighten teeth?”. Given how snug some mouthguards can be, we don’t think this is an illogical question! We wanted to take a look at what your mouthguard is doing for your teeth and go through some of the reasons why your mouthguard is a vital part of oral health.

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What is the purpose of a mouthguard?

Anyone playing a sport with a lot of contact will understand the importance of having the right mouthguard that fits the mouth and is snug enough to protect the teeth.

  • A mouthguard works by adding a layer of soft yet durablematerial to your teeth to protect them against the force of impact.
  • If you are hit in the mouth or face,your mouthguard will absorb any force and ensure your teeth remain protected.

While you can certainly opt for the ‘boil and bite’ mouthguard options that a chemist will sell, it is far better to choose a professionally made mouthguard. That way, the fit will be nice and tight, and your teeth will stay protected. This brings us to the next point, of whether a custom mouthguard (or any mouthguard, for that matter) can straighten your teeth.

Can mouthguards straighten teeth then?

Sorry to disappoint, but no. Your mouthguard is not going to be straightening your teeth, no matter how well it fits. Your mouthguard is protecting your teeth from any further harm, and at Denture Health Care we love helping patients who want to protect their teeth. We strongly recommend coming in to see us for a custom mouthguard.

Protect your teeth with custom mouthguards

If you play sports or need a mouthguard for any other reason, get one made by Denture Health Care. It is easier to protect the teeth you have than to replace the ones you have lost. If you are looking for advice about protecting your teeth or need information on dentures, you’re in the right place. We provide custom mouthguards to patients who are looking to protect their teeth in Brisbane and beyond.

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Updated 13 August 2020

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