Denture Reline

No matter how tough your dentures may be, they will need occasional relining or adjustment to ensure a perfect fit over the years.

A reline involves adding new base material to the tissue side of a denture so that it fits properly just like a new denture. This is one of the most common denture repairs for loose or ill-fitting dentures, whether it’s caused by normal wear and tear or by accidental damage. Keep in mind that relining will only affect the fit of your denture, not its appearance.

Common reasons for denture relining include:

  • Change in mouth and gums – because of old age, weight changes, or a medical condition
  • Constantly eating hard food
  • Normal wear and tear

Soft vs. Hard Relines

There are two main types of denture relines:

A soft denture reline uses a soft and pliable material (usually made of some type of wax or rubbery material) to adjust the fit of your dentures on your gums. Most patients find these soft materials to be more comfortable than those used in hard relines, resulting in less sore spots and a shorter adjustment period after

A hard reline uses harder materials (typically some type of acrylic) for relining your dentures. But since harder materials are used, hard relines can irritate the gums of some patients. Their toughness and hardness, however, means they’ll often last longer than soft relines and will require fewer adjustments over time.

How Often Should You Reline Your Dentures?

Most patients find they need to reline their dentures every one or two years, depending on what denture materials they’ve chosen and what type of dentures they have.

Keep in mind that you may need a denture reline sooner if the fit and comfort of your dentures have changed for any reason.

Although it can sometimes be hard to tell whether your dentures need relining, you can watch out for the common signs of worn or damaged dentures to help you:

  • Ill-fitting dentures – when your dentures suddenly feel looser or tighter
  • Irritated gums
  • Sore spots
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Difficulty speaking normally

Same Day Service

We know that having your dentures relined can be an inconvenience – that’s why we offer same day service for our denture relines in Brisbane. This will help you get your dentures back to normal in no time. We can often reline dentures within a few hours, so don’t hesitate to set your appointment early if you want your dentures fixed as soon as possible.

Get a Professional Denture Reline in Brisbane

Have your dentures relined and adjusted by professionals here at Denture Health Care.

Our denture professionals are among the best in the industry, providing the expertise and experience to sort out any denture issues you may have. Not only can we bring your dentures back to normal, but we can also make them fit and feel better than before.

We offer denture relining services during our regular clinic hours and the after-hours (for emergency cases). Call 1300 304 092 today to book an appointment. You can also send us a message for any questions or enquiries.