If your dentures need relining or repairs, Denture Health Care can take care of it for you. We offer professional denture repairs and relining that will make your dentures feel like new again. Whether they need a minor adjustment or a major alteration, our expert prosthetists will help you regain the perfect fit.

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Denture Repairs

We offer some of the best denture repairs Brisbane wide, helping you regain the perfect fit for your broken or cracked dentures.

In most cases, our prosthetists can restore your damaged dentures to their original state. We’ve seen practically every kind of denture damage there is, and we know what it takes to fix them.

You’ll often need denture repairs if:

  • There’s a break or chip
  • One or more teeth need to be added or removed (due to teeth extraction)
  • You need a replacement clasp
  • They are damaged due to general wear and tear

Whether your dentures need light touch-ups or major changes, our expert prosthetists will provide the denture repair you need to make them look and feel like new again.

Denture Reline

No matter how tough your dentures may be, they will need occasional relining or adjustment to ensure a perfect fit over the years.

A reline involves adding new base material to the tissue side of a denture so that it fits properly just like a new denture. This is one of the most common denture repairs for loose or ill-fitting dentures, whether it’s caused by normal wear and tear or by accidental damage. Keep in mind that relining will only affect the fit of your denture, not its appearance.

Common reasons for denture relining include:

  • Change in mouth and gums – because of old age, weight changes, or a medical condition
  • Constantly eating hard food
  • Normal wear and tear

Same Day Service

At Denture Health Care, we understand that accidents happen all the time – and often when you least expect it. That’s why we offer emergency denture repairs Brisbane wide to make sure you can have your dentures repaired as soon as possible when these happen.

Our emergency denture repairs include a same day service so that you won’t have to suffer too long with broken or damaged dentures.

With Denture Health Care, you’ll never have to worry about your dentures knowing that we’re here to fix them whenever you need it.

Why You Need Professional Denture Repairs

When it comes to repairing broken or damaged dentures, you’ll want the best professional service that you can get. Here’s why:

Because every person’s teeth are different, ensuring the perfect fit requires a complex forming process. Professional prosthetists will follow the exact shape and contours of your teeth and gums to ensure that your dentures will stay in place and be comfortable to use every day. If you get your dentures repaired by someone not qualified to do it, then you’ll likely end up with ill-fitting dentures that could cause pain and discomfort.

Denture repairs may look simple and straightforward, but it’s much more complicated than it looks. Even minor adjustments require special tools and expertise to perform correctly, especially when it comes to adjusting for the perfect fit and comfort. Professionals will know which parts need modifications, the right tools to use, and how to do it.

Many people are tempted to try to fix their dentures themselves, but these DIY fixes are often just a quick fix that don’t address the issues. In many cases, they can even make your dentures worse. By getting your dentures professionally repaired, you can rest assured that your dentures will be taken care of by professionals who know exactly what they’re doing.

Professional denture repair may cost money, but you could end up spending a lot more if you try to fix your dentures on your own or if you have it done by an amateur. If you have your dentures repaired by qualified professionals, you can be sure that they’ll come back good as new. On the other hand, denture relining or repairs from unqualified people can lead to spending more on multiple repairs or medical issues that arise from inferior repair work.

Professional Denture Repair and Relining

If you’ve got broken or ill-fitting dentures, then let our professional prosthetists fix them and turn them back to the way they were. With Denture Health Care, your dentures will come back better than ever with the perfect fit and the right adjustments.

We offer our repair and relining services during regular clinic hours as well as after hours for special cases, giving you full access to professional denture repairs whenever you need them.

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