You can expect to complete the entire process in anywhere between several weeks to a few months. This duration will also depend largely on your schedule and capacity to come in for consultations and follow-ups. Continue reading to learn more about how long does it take to have dentures made.

All dentures require multiple visits to complete from start to finish. This accounts for consultations, tooth extractions (if necessary), impression taking, pre-fitting, and final adjustments.

To get a better idea of how long your denture process may take, it will help to understand the different stages for making your dentures.

Different Stages of Denture Fabrication

  • At this stage, you and our dentist will discuss your teeth replacement needs. Our dentist will assess your teeth, mouth, and gums and recommend your best denture options based on your needs and budget. This stage may require multiple appointments, include sessions for taking X-Rays and further evaluation.


  • Tooth Extraction. If you have teeth that need to be removed, you’ll need a tooth extraction before proceeding. You may also get immediate dentures after your tooth extraction if you are a suitable candidate for this temporary tooth replacement. These immediate dentures are prepared prior to your tooth extraction so they can be placed as soon as the tooth extraction is over.


  • Impression Taking. This stage involves taking accurate impressions of your mouth, teeth, and gums so that we can design and build your dentures correctly. Every person’s mouth and gum structures are different, so individual impressions are critical to getting the perfect fit. If you had a tooth extraction prior to this stage, we will wait for your gums to fully heal (which could take a few weeks) before taking impressions.


  • We’ll send impressions of your mouth, teeth and gums to our dental lab to start building your dentures. This stage often spans several weeks and may include steps such as getting bite moulds and providing wax models for you to test, making sure it feels comfortable in your mouth.


  • Once we’ve made the final version of your dentures, you’ll try them on and see how they feel. We can make any necessary adjustments to make them as comfortable and functional as possible.

How Long Do You Have to Wait to Get Dentures After Your Teeth are Pulled?

If you’re having your teeth pulled and you’re a candidate for immediate dentures, then you can get immediate dentures the same day as your tooth extraction (with impressions of your teeth taken prior).

Immediate dentures are designed to be temporary tooth replacements that let you avoid going out toothless after your extraction. You can use and wear these dentures until you get your new set of dentures. Impressions of your mouth and gums will be taken before your tooth extraction so your immediate dentures will be ready on the day your tooth is removed.

Need More Information?

If you’re getting new dentures and you want to find out how long it will take, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. We’ll be glad to guide you along the process and help you know what to expect when getting a new set of dentures. We have recently updated our blog with a new post about how long does it take to make dentures.

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