Many patients admit to feeling self-conscious when they first wear dentures, as they may worry about dentures slipping or being obvious when they smile. And though it’s virtually impossible for anyone else to distinguish real teeth from fake, it’s understandable that there’s quite an adjustment period. In today’s article, we look at some tips on how to smile better with dentures, including general maintenance and signs it’s time to get a new pair.

How to smile better with dentures #1: Give your mouth a break

Wearing dentures 24/7 not only significantly wears down your dentures but can have some serious adverse effects to your health. It’s recommended you leave dentures in a glass of water overnight to give your gums a break and try to remove them for up to four hours during the day if you can. If left in all time, dentures can cause irritation and sores to your gums and lead to numerous health problems including gingivitis, denture-related stomatitis, pneumonia, and a significant wearing down of the jawbone.

How to smile better with dentures #2: Rinse your dentures regularly

When it comes to ‘how to smile better with dentures’, keeping them free from food particles is key to maintaining your confidence. This can be done by regularly rinsing your dentures after each meal (if you’re at home) to stop stains from building up or food from lodging between your gum and causing irritation.

How to get a better smile with dentures #3: Don’t let your dentures dry out

As dentures are made with acrylic material, they need to always remain in contact with moisture to stop them from drying out and cracking or warping. If left out too long, a warped pair of dentures will likely need to be replaced entirely as there’s no way of fixing it. If you do attempt to wear warped dentures, you may find them causing irritation or regularly slipping out which can significantly affect your self-confidence and ability to smile.

How to get a better smile with dentures #4: Replace when you notice slipping or significant stains

Well-cared-for dentures can last for years, requiring soft or hard relining to maintain their longevity. However, at some point, you will need to replace your dentures entirely as they can become uncomfortable or unsightly. If you’re experiencing a lot of slippages and a reline can’t provide support, you’ll likely need a replacement. The same can be said for dentures with strong, in-built stains, which can impact how confident you feel smiling.

How to get a better smile with dentures #5: Clean them daily

Just like with real teeth, dentures require regular cleaning to avoid stains and bacteria from building up. This also helps to stop bits of food from becoming trapped between the dentures and gums, where it can cause irritation or bacteria-related problems such as ulcers and gingivitis. Unlike real teeth, you’ll have to be more careful and use a soft bristle brush and a dental solution to clean, as normal toothpaste can cause abrasions to the acrylic.

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