When it comes to restoring confidence and positively impacting one’s life, dentures can be an absolute game-changer. So much so, that patients often feel strange not wearing them, choosing to keep them in overnight. At Denture Health Care, we’re frequently asked ‘can you wear dentures all the time’, and why placing dentures in water overnight is so important. In today’s blog, we thought we’d look at the top reasons why wearing dentures 24-7 should be avoided, and how you can care for dentures while you sleep.

Can you wear dentures all the time?

Top reasons why you should avoid wearing dentures 24/7

Bone loss

Dentures naturally wear down the jawbone, as teeth roots are what keep jawbones strong.

Teeth roots naturally keep the jawbone strong, so when teeth are no longer there, the jawbone will start to deteriorate. This is further exacerbated when dentures are introduced, as it puts even more pressure on the bone. If your jaw is never given a break from dentures, the bone with continues to deteriorate at a much higher speed. Not only does this affect the health of your mouth but it also means you’ll need to replace your dentures more often as the bone will narrow quicker.

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Sore gums

If you sleep wearing dentures, you’re never giving your gums a break from denture pressure. This not only can cause sores to develop but can greatly increase your chances of incurring gum disease, as food and bacteria can get trapped under the dentures. Sore or inflamed gums can make it difficult to wear dentures, which can have a big impact on the way you speak and eat, affecting the amount of food you’re consuming and your self-confidence too.

Increase chances of getting gum disease and pneumonia

Wearing dentures 24-7 can significantly increase your chances of developing pneumonia – in fact, up to double the risk. This is because it fosters bacterial growth and affects how much saliva you’re swallowing during sleep. Those who wear dentures while they sleep also have an increased chance of developing bacterial and fungal infections, such as plaque, yeast infections and gum disease. Both gum disease and pneumonia can be life-threatening for elderly patients, which is why it’s so important to have a strict dental hygiene routine.

Denture related stomatitis

Denture-related stomatitis is a yeast infection that can occur in any denture wearer but is more likely to happen wearing dentures 24-7. Characterised by a red, inflamed mouth, denture-related stomatitis is a painful and uncomfortable condition that can make eating and talking difficult. Denture-related stomatitis can also occur if dentures aren’t cleaned properly, so be sure to clean them with a denture solution and place them in water overnight.

Can you wear dentures 24-7: How to care for dentures while you’re asleep

To give your mouth a break, we highly recommend leaving dentures in a glass of water overnight – especially as dentures need always remain wet to avoid cracking. It’s also crucial to maintain a consistent oral health hygiene routine, which should include the following:

  • Rinsing the mouth after every meal (if possible).
  • Brushing dentures twice a day with a special denture cleaning solution
  • Soaking dentures in lukewarm water overnight
  • Brushing gums with a soft bristle brush for stimulation

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