We take a deep dive into mouthguards for kids, and the differences between boil and bites, and custom mouthguards.


What is a boil and bite mouthguard?

A boil and bite mouthguard is an over the counter mouthguard made from stock injected mould. Typically used for sports, this mouthguard can be adjusted to form the shape of your teeth by immersing it in boiling water and biting into it like an orange peel. However, if not done correctly, a boil and bite mouthguard can come loose or run the risk of being uncomfortable. The latter is also a concern, given that a child may choose to go without a mouthguard if the material is too bulky and plastic. Studies suggest a boil and bite is a safer option than foregoing a mouthguard completely, but that the amount of protection it offers is considered quite marginal in comparison to a custom fitted one.


What is a custom mouthguard?

A custom mouthguard is a protective mouthpiece that has been custom made to fit around your teeth. A dental technician will make an impression of your child’s teeth and gums using special dental mould, and create a mouthguard using a thermoplastic material. Depending on what your child will be using the mouthguard for, a dental technician can adjust the thickness to accommodate its intended use. This could require using a thicker material to protect teeth during high contact sports, or a thinner material if it’s to stop teeth grinding in sleep.


What are the benefits of a mouthguard?

Though preventable, injuries caused by sports can cause long lasting damage to the jaw, teeth and skull.  When this happens, common injuries include the following:

  • Oral trauma (e.g. cuts on gums or tongue)
  • Damage to your teeth
  • Tooth loss
  • Concussion


Get a custom mouthguard with Denture Health Care

At Denture Health Care, we specialise in creating custom mouthguards for kids to help prevent dental injuries from high impact sports. Created using micron-accurate material, our mouthguards offer a better fit than boil and bite mouthguards, which makes them more comfortable and thus more likely to be worn (instead of left in the bottom of the bag!) Because they’re formed to fit perfectly onto your child’s teeth, your child won’t have to worry about readjusting the mouthguard constantly while they’re trying to play their game. Our custom mouthguards for kids are built to absorb impact, reducing the forces placed on your child’s teeth or jaw during contact sports.

Custom mouthguards Brisbane

If your child participates in an activity that runs the risk of causing injury to the face or head, we recommend getting in touch with a dental technician to discuss custom mouthguards for kids.  For high quality custom mouthguards and dentures Brisbane wide, get in contact with Denture Health Care today.

We hope we’ve answered your questions on the importance of replacing missing teeth. If you’d like to discuss tooth loss replacement options with a dental prosthetist, please get in touch with our dentures Brisbane based team to arrange a consultation.

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