What Are Digital Dentures?

We get many questions about what digital dentures are. Since a key part of providing a great denture service is education, we have prepared the key information on digital dentures ­– what they are, and how they work.

All you need to know about digital dentures

In case you’re not sure if digital dentures are a good choice for you, we have tips for making an informed decision. We prefer for you to know what your options for dentures are and what might work for you. Read on to learn more about what are digital dentures or call us on 1300 304 092 to make an appointment today if you have any further questions.

What are digital dentures?

Digital dentures are a new concept that has come onto the market and challenged our existing notions of what dentures need to be, and how they are made. The best way to explain what digital dentures are is to compare them to their non-digital counterpart.

When your non-digital dentures are made, your dental prosthetist takes a mould of your teeth and gums and then shapes your dentures to ensure that they will fit your mouth. The fitting process can take some time, and your prosthetist will need to adjust and fit the dentures to ensure no rubbing.

In the digital denture process, your dental prosthetist uses computer-aided design and engineering tools to craft a perfectly-fitting denture using impressions and a mould of your bite. These impressions are sent to a lab where your dentures are crafted using 3D modelling technology. Once your dentures are made, you come back in for a second and final appointment.

The digital denture process is a lot less labour-intensive and invasive. Instead of having to come back in for multiple visits and adjustments you will only have to come in for a couple of visits.

Care for your dentures with these simple tips: Read now

How are digital dentures made?

We have broadly discussed what digital dentures are and how they work. But how are they made, exactly?

  1. In your first appointment, we take an impression of your bite and mouth.
  2. Our digital denture machine then scans the impression we took in step one and accurately captures the shape of your mouth to create your dentures.
  3. Our digital denture machine designs a denture to precisely fit your mouth. We print a 3D try-on model with teeth set in wax. This way we can ensure your denture is a perfect fit.
  4. You come back in to try on your denture in a second appointment. Here we test the fit of your 3D try-on model and ensure that your teeth and alignment are adequate. At this stage, you can make sure that you can speak properly and are happy with the looks.
  5. Once you have approved the try-on model, we send it back to the lab for final processing, before it is finally fabricated and sent back for you to pick-up.

Digital denture printing

We create your digital dentures using the highest quality technology in 3D printed dentures. Choose digital dentures and get a great fit first time around instead of going back-and-forth to get the right fit. 3D printed dentures are now possible. At Denture Health Care we are pleased to be able to provide this option for our patients.

Getting used to new dentures? Find out what to expect and what to do.

Are digital dentures better?

Your comfort is subjective. What may be comfortable for one person is deeply uncomfortable for another. If dentures are a big part of your life, poorly fitted dentures can cause rubbing and irritation in your mouth. The biggest issue faced by denture wearers are problems caused by ill-fitting dentures – trouble with speaking, eating, pain and tenderness.  Digital dentures overcome these issues, they are a better choice compared to traditional dentures because of the precise fit they offer. Digital dentures provide an exact and precise fit which means you can get on with the more important things in life without being bothered by your dentures.

How much do digital dentures cost?

At Denture Health Care we are committed to providing our patients with the best possible denture care and oral health support. If you would like to know more about how much digital dentures cost, we are always happy to chat with you. Our experienced dental prosthetists can help you decide if digital dentures are the right choice for you, or if another denture option would suit you better.

Call us today on 1300 304 092 or book an appointment online. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about digital dentures or dentures in general. You may also be interested in reading more about all the other different types of dentures available.

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