A healthy diet is not only integral to a functioning body also the health of your teeth. Too much sugar or acidic foods can quickly affect your oral health and have an impact on both real teeth and false. In today’s blog, we take a look at the worst foods for your teeth and dentures and some healthier switches you can make without sacrificing good taste.

 Worst foods for your teeth #1: Sugary sweets

If there’s something all dentists can agree on, it’s that sugar is one of the worst foods for your teeth. This is because sugar binds to plaque and makes it harder for saliva or liquids to wash away. If possible, try to brush your teeth after consuming something very sugary or limit your sugar intake to one or two sweets a day.

Substitute:  Fruit, dark chocolate, yoghurt, cottage cheese, chia pudding

 Worst foods for your teeth #2: Soft drink

Soft drinks not only contain sugar but acid too, which causes adverse reactions to the enamel of your teeth. Even soft drinks that don’t contain sugar can be harmful to your oral health, as it still contains acid which means. This means they often have the same impact on teeth as sugar containing sodas. Many types of soda also contain citrus, which is also known to cause problems to tooth enamel.

Substitute:  Coconut water, fruit infused water, herbal tea

 Worst foods for your teeth #3: Wine

Both white and red wine contain acid that softens enamel over time, so it’s worth limiting your daily intake for the sake of your liver and oral health. Red wine is especially bad for teeth, as it also contains tannins which are known to stain teeth in time. If you do consume wine at home, try to brush your teeth thirty minutes after consumption to clear residual acid away.

Substitute:  Gin and tonic, vodka and soda

 Worst foods for teeth #4: Citrus

Citrus fruit is highly acidic and can cause tooth enamel to wear away if the tooth is exposed to the acids too frequently. Though citrus is highly beneficial for the human body, it’s worth limiting intake for the sake of your teeth and stomach acid. If you’re a fan of consuming citrus drinks such as orange juice, try to use a straw when possible.

 Worst foods for teeth #5: Tea and coffee

With tea and coffee, the biggest concern with regular consumption is mostly cosmetic, as these beverages can cause unsightly teeth stains over time. Black coffee is considerably bad when it comes to teeth staining but also have the disadvantage of being highly acidic. This is because milk neutralises the acidity of a coffee, therefore reducing the effect coffee has on your teeth and stomach. Coffee is also one of the worst foods for sensitive teeth, as the temperature and acidity levels can make it difficult to consume. If you’re a regular caffeine drinker, try to add milk or use a straw to consume your drink.

Substitute:  Iced coffee, herbal tea, adding milk to tea and coffee

 Worst foods for teeth #5: Ice cream

Ice cream is one of the worst foods for sensitive teeth, as it contains both high levels of sugar and a cold temperature. If you have a sweet (but sensitive) tooth, try to limit your ice cream intake or swap ice cream for a healthier alternative such as Greek yoghurt with fresh fruit.

Substitute:  Greek yoghurt, cottage cheese

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