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At Denture Health Care, we only have staff who are passionate about providing a comfortable and pleasant experience for our patients.

Peter Anastasia

Dental Prosthetist – Dip.DT, AdvDip.DP

Having started in the dental industry as a Dental Technician in 1998, Peter’s qualifications and experience over the years are impressive. He built his experience and reputation over many years, having operated a certified BPS® dental laboratory focusing on quality removable prosthetics, which serviced over 60 dentists and dental specialists from across Queensland and parts of Australia.

In 2010, Peter extended his qualifications from Dental Technician to Dental Prosthetist and upon graduation he was awarded the Karl Ring Award for Clinical Excellence. Peter is recognised as a certified BPS® clinician and technician, and is highly skilled in precision denture techniques.

His passion for continuing education has kept him at the forefront in the field of Dental Prosthetics. He has travelled to Japan numerous times to study the teachings of Dr. Jiro Abe and his Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Denture (SEMCD) technique. In 2017, Peter was appointed by Dr Abe as one of the few Dr Abe SEMCD instructors. He has also completed the Implant Overdenture course, Swiss Denture Concept course, the CQR Denture Technique course and has lectured nationally and internationally on Occlusal Therapy for Edentulous Patients.

As an extremely motivated person, Peter carries his enthusiasm for his work through to his patients. Peter takes care and time to ensure each appointment and detail is executed with exact care and finesse. Peter has a commitment to his patients to provide the best quality dentures available, a commitment that benefits everyone that visits Denture Health Care.

Peter works at our Waterford West and Redbank Clinics. He is registered with the Dental Board of Australia and a member of the Australian Dental Prosthetists’ Association.

Hiro Uchida

Dental Prosthestist – DipDt, AdvDip.DP

In 2003, Hiro commenced his Diploma of Dental Technology and came to Denture Health Care for work placement. His artistic ability, intelligence and high levels of finesse were too good to dismiss so at the end of his studies in 2005, Hiro was offered a full-time position. Hiro became Peter’s first apprentice and has worked with him ever since.

Hiro extended his study by completing his Advanced Diploma of Dental Prosthetics in 2011. He is a registered dental practitioner with the Dental Board of Australia as well as a member of the Australian Dental Prosthetists’ Association.

Hiro enjoys the technical aspects of creating natural looking teeth for individual patients. He is a certified BPS® clinician, and technician and maintains an up-to-date knowledge base by ensuring regular attendance at dental conferences and courses. Hiro has also completed the Suction Effective Lower denture technique with Dr. Jiro Abe in Japan, Implant Overdenture course and the CQR denture technique course. Hiro was also appointed by Dr Jiro Abe as one of the few Dr Abe  SEMCD instructors.

Outside of work Hiro is an avid Ice hockey and Inline hockey player. He also enjoys going to the gym and keeping fit. You can find Hiro at our Sunnybank Hills and Beaudesert clinic, where he is building an excellent reputation for his quality dentures.

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