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Did you know the best way to achieve suction of the full lower denture is to combine this technique with BPS®? Incorporating Dr Abe’s principals with the systematic BPS® denture fabrication process will ensure a high success rate in attaining lower denture suction.

Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Dentures (SEMCD) are transforming patients lives for those who struggle with full lower dentures.

Dr. Jiro Abe is a prominent name amongst the denture community. He graduated from Tokyo Dental College in 1981. He then went on to develop a successful technique for fabricating the mandibular suction denture in 1999. He also went on to publish the book, ‘Successful Mandibular Complete Denture Suction for Everyone’.

Dr Jiro Abe has been expanding this knowledge throughout the world since 2004 and gaining favourable acclaim for this process.

Along with this significant success, Dr. Abe has held many distinguished positions throughout the years including:

  • Founder of the Japan Denture Association and has been its chairman since 2006.
  • Director of the Academy of Clinical Dentistry from 1999 to 2005 and its councillor from 2005 to 2009.
  • Instructor of Ivoclar Vivadent, BPS International Clinical and GC & MORITA Complete Denture seminars
  • Lecturer of the Japan Dental Association
  • Involvement in various activities as a professor at the Tohoku University Graduate school of Dentistry since 2008 and Kanagawa Dental College since 2012.

Dr Abe Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Denture (SEMCD)

One of the most difficult results to achieve in clinical dentistry is suction and stability on the full lower denture. The concept developed by Dr Abe eliminates the problem of the lower denture lifting, and this is done by creating an effective seal around the entire border of the denture base. This concept, developed by Dr Jiro Abe in Japan, enhances the suction effect of full lower dentures and allows for denture suction even in patients with advanced resorption of the mandibular alveolar ridge. This newly developed technique for achieving effective suction and stability of the full lower denture has become an indispensable part of treating patients. This suction mechanism has been spreading worldwide, and the popularity of this system shows no signs of slowing.

Best Way to Achieve Suction in Suction Dentures

The most ideal way to achieve suction of the full lower denture is to combine this technique with BPS®. By incorporating the suction mechanism concept into the systematic BPS® denture fabrication process, a high success rate in attaining lower denture suction is ensured.

Frequently Asked Questions

Suction effective mandibular complete denture (SEMCD), also known as mandibular suction effective denture or simply suction dentures, are a revolutionary type of dentures that stay in place using suction. To learn more, you can contact us on 1300 304 092 to speak with one of our experts.

As the name implies, these are suction cup dentures, which means they are held in place using the power of suction. There is no need to use denture adhesives or implants to keep the dentures in place. Get in touch with us online or call 1300 304 092 today to learn more.

It is common for denture wearers to have a difficult time keeping their lower dentures in place. Our lower suction dentures might be the solution you are looking for. They are held in place using suction, much like a suction cup. This means they will stay in place with out the need for adhesives or implants.

Prices vary depending on the patient’s individual denture needs, such as if complete dentures are needed or only lower suction dentures. We offer convenient payment plans to help you afford your new SEMCD dentures. Contact us using our online contact form or call 1300 304 092 to schedule a consultation.

Innovative Denture Techniques at Denture Health Care

At Denture Health Care we were quick to jump at the chance to implement Dr Jiro Abe’s revolutionary denture fabrication system to further benefit our patients.

Both of our Denture Health Care Prosthetists, Peter Anastasia and Hiro Uchida have travelled twice to Japan to study this exciting new technique. Under the watchful eye of Dr Jiro Abe, Peter and Hiro successfully completed the full lower suction course.

Today Peter and Hiro have been handpicked by Dr Abe to instruct others on this innovative technique.

Want to find out more about Suction Effective Lower dentures? Contact us to make an appointment.

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