Implant retained dentures are BPS® dentures that are secured onto permanent dental implants in your gums. Dental implants can offer the necessary stability and retention for anchoring a removable denture (either full or partial). These have proven to be among the most successful clinical treatments for replacing lost teeth, providing long-term solutions for restoring a patient’s smile and enhancing their quality of life.

Implant retained dentures will stay firmly in place while you chew or speak, which means you’ll never have to worry about your dentures loosening up or falling out in your day-to-day activities. Best of all, you can remove your implant retained dentures for cleaning and maintenance, helping you keep them in great condition as well as maintaining your oral hygiene around your dental implants and gums.

Dental implant retained dentures are designed for maximum stability and comfort, making them one of your top choices for denture solutions that look and feel natural in your mouth.


The Right Solution for Many Patients

For many patients, implant retained dentures offer the best solution for living a normal life with dentures. The dentures stay firmly in place, allowing you to carry on with your life without having to think or worry about your dentures.

Patients who have had dental implant retained dentures have reported greater taste and smell of food, superior comfort, and greater ease of swallowing. They are also ideal for patients with a sensitive gag reflex. Those who have opted for dental implants have also often remarked how similar it feels to their own natural teeth.

Statistically, dental implants have enjoyed a high clinical success rate.

What are  the Advantages of Implant Retained Dentures?

If you’re looking for dentures that offer the complete package in function and comfort, then dental implant retained dentures should be at the top of your list. Here’s what makes them so great for patients who have them:

Implant retained dentures are among the most comfortable denture solutions available today, providing unparalleled stability once they’re set in place. Many who have them report not feeling like they have dentures in place at all, giving them dentures that feel more natural and comfortable in their mouths. This stability also offers greater peace of mind, providing a mental comfort that makes them easier to use daily.

Forget worrying all day whether your dentures will stay in place or not. With implant retained dentures, you can rest assured that your dentures will stay firmly in place throughout the day. This confidence can help you get your smile back, assuring you that you’ll always have a full set of teeth no matter what social encounter you come across throughout the day.

Dental implant retained dentures are renowned for looking like they’re naturally part of your mouth. At Denture Health Care, we go a step further and use BPS® technology that makes your implant retained dentures even more beautiful and realistic. By using advanced BPS® technology, you’ll get implant retained dentures that will look and feel like real teeth.

Although your dental implants are set permanently in your gums, the dentures installed on it are not. This means you can remove your dentures whenever you need to clean them or have them serviced for maintenance. Not only is this beneficial for good hygiene and health, but it also lets you get new dentures or replacements without having to replace your dental implants.

Implant retained dentures provide unparalleled stability when chewing or biting. For full upper dentures, four or five conventional dental implants will stabilise a full upper denture, eliminating the need for a full plate. For a full lower denture, three or four conventional dental implants will be enough to make it stable. With dental implants installed on your gums, you’ll enjoy more freedom to eat whatever you like without worrying about your dentures moving around in your mouth.

Getting food stuck under or between dentures is a common issue with standard dentures. But this issue will hardly be a problem with dental implant retained dentures. Because these dentures are installed firmly on your implants, food is less likely to seep through or get stuck in between. This means fewer clean-ups to maintain the strength and condition of your dentures.

By providing more support for your teeth and gums, implant retained dentures have been shown to increase bone preservation and decrease gum and tissue shrinkage in the mouth. This can help you enjoy stronger and more functional teeth.

What is The BPS® Advantage?

At Denture Health Care, we use BPS® dentures for our dental implant retained dentures. This system offers dentures that look more life-like and fit better than the typical set of dentures.

BPS® stands for Bio-functional Prosthetic System, a professional denture system that offers the highest standard in aesthetics, comfort, and function. This system covers the entire process of denture design and manufacturing, using sophisticated instruments and the best materials to produce incredibly precise and natural-looking dentures.

With BPS® dentures on your dental implants, you’ll enjoy high-quality dentures that look beautiful and feel comfortable for daily use.

Denture Health Care is one of Brisbane’s licensed BPS® clinics, ensuring expert and professional service for this advanced denture system.

Learn More about Implant Retained Dentures

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