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At Denture Health Care, we appreciate the confidence you place in our clinics.

Our mission is to help you make the most of your smile by offering comfortable, well-fitting, functional and aesthetically pleasing dentures.

We are here to make living with dentures as stress-free as possible. Our team consists of friendly, educated and knowledgeable professionals who love what they do.

The Best Dentures You Can Get

Denture Health Care are certified BPS® denture clinics. We use only high-quality materials, the latest digital technologies and clinical techniques to ensure that your new dentures are made to the highest quality and standard. Our dentures have made an enormous difference to the lifestyle of many of our patients. They can eat, speak and smile with confidence and their appearance is very lifelike, virtually identical to that of natural teeth.

Our dentures are known for their superior comfort and function, providing dentures that are comfortable to wear all day long. Our patients love our dentures so much that they often come back to us for their next set of dentures and even recommend us to their friends and families. We also regularly get referrals from dentists and dental specialists who need expertly crafted dentures for their patients.

Your smile plays an important part in your overall quality of life so designing your smile is an interactive experience, one that combines our skills with your personal preferences and desires. The genuine care and attention you’ll receive from our friendly staff the moment you enter our clinics ensure that your visits are always comfortable, relaxing and stress-free.

Industry-Leading Expertise

With a strong focus on continuing education, we are always regular attendees at dental conferences, seminars and hands-on courses. Having completed the suction effective lower denture technique with Dr. Jiro Abe in Japan, we became the first in South East Queensland to offer this exciting new concept to our patients. Using special impression and processing techniques, patients are able to achieve suction on the lower denture just like the top denture.

As further proof of our expertise, our lead dental prosthetists – Peter Anastasia and Hiro Uchida – have also become Dr. Abe Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Denture (SEMCD) Instructors, and they regularly teach courses for these in Australia and New Zealand.

With our experience and expertise, we’re confident we can create dentures for you that meet your needs and preferences.

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At Denture Health Care we have expanded our services to five locations offering the same quality and service at our Waterford West Clinic, Sunnybank Hills ClinicRedbank Dental Centre, Waterford West and Beaudesert Dental Care. View locations and hours here.

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