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For the highest quality full dentures we only recommend the Bio-functional Prosthetic System (BPS®).

A full denture is a removable appliance that replaces all your natural teeth in your entire upper or lower teeth arch (or both), together with its associated tissues.

 Like natural teeth, your full dentures will be supported by your gums.

A full denture is made of an acrylic base and an acrylic or composite set of denture teeth. For patients with a history of breaking full dentures, a metal palate, plate or mesh can be inserted into the denture for extra strength. Implants can also be used to retain full dentures, providing excellent stability and function for daily use.

Our dental prosthetists’ will recommend the option that best meets your particular needs.

Professionally Made Full Dentures

With Denture Health Care, you’ll get dentures that can help restore your smile, improve your mouth comfort and allow you to eat and talk normally again. We will help you determine the right option for you by discussing your preferred lifestyle, comfort level and aesthetics. Using our advanced tools and technologies, we will then design and build full dentures that are tailored to you.

BPS® Dentures – Advanced Full Denture Solutions

If you want the highest quality full dentures, then we only recommend BPS® dentures. These dentures are especially suited to different needs and preferences by discussing your preferred lifestyle, comfort level and aesthetics.

The Bio-functional Denture System (BPS®) is an advanced denture system that helps dental practitioners create better-fitting and more functional dentures consistently. BPS® dentures use sophisticated tools and technologies to create the most precise and best-fitting dentures possible. We also use the latest tools and instruments to take accurate impressions of your mouth, teeth and jaw, helping us create dentures that are designed specifically for your facial structure. We use premium materials for all our BPS® dentures, ensuring superior durability, aesthetics and function.

With BPS® dentures, you’ll get dentures that are extremely comfortable, aesthetically beautiful and incredibly durable.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Denture Health Care, we use state-of-the-art materials, tools and technology to create a denture that is tailored specifically to you. You can rest assured knowing that your new dentures will be custom-made to fit the contours and shape of your mouth, offering ideal comfort.

Complete dentures are a removable prosthetic replacement for your natural upper and lower arch of missing teeth, along with the connective tissue. Denture teeth are made from either composite material or acrylic, while the acrylic base is supported by the gums.

The exact time is variable from patient to patient and determined by several factors. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to create a customised treatment plan that meets your individual needs.

The exact cost of dentures is determined by the needs of each patient. At Denture Health Care, we offer payment plans for your convenience. To learn more about our full denture services, contact us at 1300 304 092.

Get High-Quality BPS® Dentures from Denture Health Care

Our team at Denture Health care can provide the services you need to get the perfect set of dentures.

We are registered BPS® clinics and one of the most trusted denture clinics in Brisbane, offering the expertise and experience to help you get the best dentures available today.

Learn more about our full denture services by calling 1300 304 092 or booking a consultation with our prosthetists’.

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