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Get greater comfort and protection than prefabricated mouthguards with custom mouthguards that are made to fit your teeth and gums closely.

At Denture Health Care, our custom fit mouthguard team makes the highest quality moulded mouth guards that are designed to fit your teeth and gums closely. Micron-accurate, they provide up to 10 times more protection than prefabricated mouthguards and can help prevent dental injuries when playing contact sports and activities, helping to safeguard your teeth, jaw and head against impacts and more importantly reduce the severity of a concussion during contact sports.

With a custom fit mouthguard, you no longer have to worry about your mouthguards not fitting properly, book an appointment for a mouthguard fitting at your nearest Denture Health Care clinic by calling us on 1300 30 40 92 to get started today!

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Why Custom Mouthguards are Better than Standard Mouthguards

  • Better FitCustom mouthguards are specifically designed to match your specific teeth and gums, ensuring better fit and comfort. Because they’re made to fit the structure of your teeth, they won’t feel overly loose or tight providing that ‘just right’ fit.
  • Better PerformanceWith a better fit and improved comfort comes the added bonus of increased performance. With a better fitting mouthguard, you’ll focus more on your performance – you might even forget you’re wearing a mouthguard at all. And because they fit better, you’re also more likely to use them.
  • More protection – With the minimal gaps between your teeth and the mouthguard itself, comes better protection. Custom mouthguards offer better protection than prefabricated mouthguards. They help to absorb impact better, reducing, and displacing forces placed on your teeth and jaw when an impact occurs.
  • Greater VarietyUnlike prefabricated mouthguards, a moulded or custom fit mouthguard comes in more than the standard set of colours offering greater versatility that is sure to accentuate your personal style. Whether you’re looking to rock the latest fashion trends or have mouthguards that match your team’s colours, you’ll find custom mouthguards fit just right in more than one way.

Highest Quality Custom Mouthguards Brisbane Wide at Denture Health Care

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How a Custom Fit Mouthguard Protects Your Teeth and Gums

When an impact occurs on the lower side of your face, the force of impact transfers to key areas of your face including your jaw, teeth, and skull (if severe enough). When this happens, the chances of getting injured increase and can cause several health risks including:

  • Oral Trauma (e.g., cuts on your gums or tongue)
  • Damage to your teeth
  • Loss of teeth
  • Concussion

A custom fit mouthguard not only provides a layer of cushioning that can absorb some of the impact on your face, but it also aids in reducing the force that transfers to your jaw, teeth and skull helping to prevent serious injuries to your head.

A Custom Fit Mouthguard Suitable for Sports and Active Lifestyles

When it comes to playing sports and living an active lifestyle, our custom mouthguards Brisbane team is here for you. Recommended for a wide range of sports and activities where the risk of getting hit in the head or face is greater, our custom mouthguards provide that extra level of protection where it matters most. 

We recommend having a custom fit mouthguard for several sports and activities including:

  • Boxing
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Wrestling
  • And more!

Get your custom mouthguards from Denture Health Care for perfect-fitting mouthguards that you can depend on!

Quality Custom Mouthguards Brisbane, Ipswich and Logan Wide

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Frequently Asked Questions

Custom mouthguards offer a range of benefits over their prefabricated counterparts including a closer, better fit, greater protection due to minimal gaps between your teeth and the mouthguard itself, improved performance, and a significantly greater variety of colours allowing you to accentuate your personal style or team colours!

We recommend wearing a custom fit mouthguard for a wide range of sports and activities where the risk of getting hit in the head is increased including boxing, football, basketball, hockey, soccer, volleyball, skiing, snowboarding, wrestling, and more!

On average the fabrication process of custom mouthguards takes between one to two weeks from the initial dental impressions through to our fabrication process in a dental laboratory.  

A well-made custom mouthguard will typically last between 6 months and 3 years depending on the frequency of usage. We recommend replacing your mouthguard every year to ensure that it provides you with optimal protection.

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