About Our Dentures

At Denture Health Care, our goal is to give you the best dentures you can get.

We offer a variety of denture solutions that cater to different needs and budgets, giving you more choices for replacing your missing natural teeth with high-quality dentures.

We also use industry-leading Ivoclar Vivadent material as well as digital denture CAD-CAM technology and IvoBase processing for our denture solutions.

We understand that there’s no perfect denture solution for everyone. That’s why we offer a range of dentures that cover different needs and preferences:

Made using the Bio-functional Denture System (BPS®), BPS® Dentures are among the most advanced dentures today. BPS® Dentures are designed to provide the most precise fit on your gums and mouth, giving you dentures that feel and work like real teeth. We are proudly certified BPS® clinics, guaranteeing our expertise and experience with these cutting-edge dentures. Learn more about BPS Dentures.

Our implant retained dentures are removable BPS® dentures that are secured on dental implants and your gums. These dentures provide unparalleled stability, keeping your dentures stable and firmly in place at all times. Although they’re secured, you can still remove these dentures for cleaning and maintenance. Learn more about implant retained dentures.

Developed by Dr. Jiro Abe in Japan, these dentures are an innovative solution for lower dentures. These dentures offer superior sealing and stability for full lower dentures, providing the best seal and suction to keep full lower dentures in place throughout the day. Learn more about Dr. Abe’s lower suction dentures.

Digital Dentures are designed and built using computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM). Practically every part of the process uses digital technology, from the digital impression-taking of your mouth to the crafting of the dentures themselves. These digital technologies create pieces that provide a precise and comfortable fit every time. Learn more about digital dentures.

We offer full dentures for your entire upper or lower arch of teeth (or both arches), giving you full sets of teeth replacements when you need them. We can make full dentures in a variety of types and configurations, using different technologies to suit your needs. Learn more about full dentures.

If you only have one, two or a few teeth missing, our partial dentures can provide the teeth replacements you need to restore your full smile. We build partial dentures in both acrylic and cast metal materials to give you different options for your partial dentures. Learn more about partial dentures.

If you’re needing teeth to be extracted, we can provide immediate dentures that will fill in the gap. We craft these immediate dentures with the same care and attention as our other dentures, so that you will never be without teeth. Learn more about immediate dentures.

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