Immediate Dentures

The removal of your natural teeth, and fitting of your immediate denture will require many decisions. At Denture Health Care we aim to make this transition as easy as possible.

What are immediate dentures and how do they help?

Immediate dentures are a solution that’s often prescribed to those who are set to have their tooth or teeth extracted.

Immediate dentures are full or partial dentures that are used as replacements for your extracted teeth. These dentures are meant to be temporary, filling in the space in your gums so you don’t have to put up with missing teeth in your mouth any longer. Immediate dentures can also help your gums heal after tooth extraction. It also makes for a decent filling while deciding on a more permanent solution for your tooth gap.

If you think you’re a candidate for immediate dentures, our dental prosthetists’ can evaluate your suitability and discuss the requirements. There are three options you can consider when having your teeth removed.

Immediate Denture

An immediate denture is fitted by your Dentist or Dental Specialist at the time of the extraction of your natural teeth. Your denture is therefore made before your teeth are removed. This being the most preferred option.

Delayed Immediate Denture

We begin making the denture after the teeth are removed, normally seven or eight days post extraction. This option is only used when your natural teeth are in a position of compromise, too loose or over-erupted.

Conventional Denture

Made 6 months after your extractions. The delay is to allow time for your gums to stop shrinking, and results in a better fitting first denture. This option is very rare but some patients prefer this option.

We are known as one of the top makers of immediate dentures Brisbane wide, creating professionally made dentures that provide outstanding fit and comfort for our patients. We even provide emergency temporary dentures for those who require immediate dentures as soon as possible.

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How Immediate Dentures are Made

The process for immediate dentures starts with taking impressions of your mouth while your natural teeth are still present. Our dental prosthetist will then fabricate a denture in the likeness of your teeth and make any necessary modifications that you want. Once your natural teeth are extracted, the dentist or dental specialist will then insert your immediate dentures so you’ll have a replacement filling in the gap.

Since we unable to test your temporary dentures beforehand, you may need to compromise on its aesthetics. Normally, this doesn’t present any significant problems, and the results are normally quite good.

When to Get a Temporary Liner

It is important to follow the postoperative instructions of your dental prosthetist, dentist or dental specialist very carefully.

As the swelling reduces after teeth extraction, your gums will start to shrink, and your dentures will become loose. This is when we would recommend a temporary liner. A temporary liner tightens up the denture again, helping it fit better in your mouth as your gums continue to heal and change in size. It is a temporary measure that works until we reach a stage where we feel a more permanent option is appropriate. You may need 3 to 5 temporary liners per denture over the first 4-6 months.

Once we’re confident that most of the shrinkage has occurred, we will either recommend a permanent reline or a replacement of your denture. Our dental prosthetist will recommend the option that best meets your needs and lifestyle.

Transitioning to Dentures

Getting your set of dentures often make people nervous and anxious, but rest assured that we will help make the process as stress-free and painless as possible. We will work closely with your dentist or dental specialist to ensure that your transition from natural teeth to dentures is smooth, quick and easy.

Losing one or two teeth can be embarrassing and awkward because the small gaps in your teeth make them more noticeable. Getting an immediate partial denture can help fill in the gap between your missing tooth/teeth, helping to restore the natural look of your teeth and your smile. This can also help you eat and converse normally again. We can create partial dentures for you that others can’t even tell are different from your natural teeth.

If your entire set of natural teeth in one or both teeth arches are removed, you’ll get an immediate full denture to replace them. Immediate full dentures are designed to provide the look, feel and function of natural teeth, helping you talk, eat and live life normally even with your natural teeth gone. We design our full dentures to look like natural teeth so that you – and others – can hardly tell the difference.

Follow-up Care After Your Procedure

After you get your first dentures, it’s important to get follow-up consultations to ensure proper fit and function over time. Your gums will change and shrink as it heals and recovers over time, making it necessary to adjust the fit of your dentures as it changes.

At Denture Health Care, we provide ongoing dental care and treatment after your procedure so that your dentures will continue to serve you well even long after you’ve adjusted to it. Our follow-up treatment plan includes:

  1. Fitting Adjustments – We’ll evaluate the changes to your gums (if any) that could affect the fit and function of your dentures. We’ll then perform the necessary adjustments to your dentures.
  2. Temporary Linings – When your bone and gums change from the healing process, it can change the fit of your dentures. If this happens, we can restore your dentures’ fit and comfort by placing temporary linings that make them fit better on your gums and mouth.
  3. Final Refitting – At the six-month mark, we can modify your dentures permanently by refitting it with new material – a process called relining. We can complete this process on the same day that you bring your dentures in, helping to minimise your downtime without dentures. Relining does not change the look and function of your dentures; they simply renew or make them more permanent. If you wish, you can also have entirely new dentures constructed at this stage.

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If you’re having a tooth or set of teeth extracted, Denture Health Care can provide the immediate dentures you need to ensure you won’t need to go out with missing teeth. We’re one of the top providers of immediate dentures Brisbane wide, and we even offer emergency temporary dentures in case you need replacement dentures as soon as possible.

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