Upgrade your skillset and give your patients more denture options by completing our certification course on Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Denture (SEMCD).

The Dr. Abe SEMCD Course is a comprehensive 2-day certification course that trains you in the revolutionary SEMCD technique and certifies you to conduct this procedure upon completing the course.
Developed and pioneered by the renowned Dr. Jiro Abe from Japan, the SEMCD technique offers the most effective and most stable seal for full mandibular dentures. This innovative denture technique uses the patient’s soft tissues to create a stronger suction on the lower denture, resulting in better denture retention and promoting more natural mouth movements. This two-day course contains theoretical and hands-on training components, giving you a full understanding of the SEMCD technique and its applications. The course is also conducted by certified SEMCD instructors who were trained by Dr. Jiro Abe and his team, ensuring quality instruction and training in this procedure. Upon completing this course, you’ll get:
  • Certification to provide and perform the Abe SEMCD technique on your patients
  • Official listing on as a certified SEMCD provider
  • Official certification logos for your marketing collateral to identify you as a certified Abe SEMCD provider
  • Direct access to certified Abe SEMCD instructors in Australia and New Zealand for continued mentoring and support

For any enquiries or additional information, please contact the Dr. Abe SEMCD Course team.

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