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At Denture Health Care, we’ll help you regain your smile with beautiful, perfect-fitting dentures Brisbane wide.

We understand the importance of a strong, healthy smile, and how debilitating losing teeth can be. Not only can have a significant impact on your ability to speak and eat, but it can cause a loss in self-esteem too. But with dentures, patients can regain their quality of life and eat, speak, and smile with confidence again.

We pride ourselves on creating high quality, comfortable dentures to give the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. Our team of denture Brisbane prosthetists use advanced impression techniques and the latest technological advancements to ensure your dentures fit perfectly and comfortably.

Call us on 1300 304 092 to schedule an appointment with a denture Brisbane prosthetist today or read on for more information about what we offer at our denture clinic Brisbane trusts.

Our Dentures

BPS dentures (Bio-functional prosthetic systems) are premium denture systems that are designed to keep up with an active lifestyle. Using specialised materials, BPS dentures offer a natural and comfortable result that mimics the look of your original teeth. This means instead of opting for unnatural looking dentures, you can have ones created that have individual shades, shapes and even stains (for that ultra-realistic look).

If you find your dentures keep slipping out, implant dentures may be the better choice. This type of denture uses four small implants in the mouth to attach to, providing more grip and support. If you’d like to feel more secure with your dentures, consider swapping to implant-retained dentures.

Bottom dentures can be difficult to keep in, as there’s not as much suction as upper dentures. If you find yours slipping, consider Dr Abe’s lower suction dentures. This systematic BPS® denture fabrication process ensures your lower dentures don’t slip, allowing you to resume your daily activities with ease.

Digital dentures are the latest technological advancement in prosthetic dentistry, offering the highest level of precision. Using CAD and CAM software, digital dentures are designed to fit your mouth down to the last millimetre, resulting in a unique match. And if you ever lose or break your dentures, you won’t have to come in for another fitting as your measurements are kept in a database.

Denture Clinic Services

We offer a comprehensive range of denture services at our Brisbane denture clinic, including:

Digital Dentures – These dentures are designed with computer-aided design and made with computer-aided technologies in our denture clinic.

Full Dentures – Full dentures are designed for patients who’ve lost most/all of their teeth, and created using acrylic bases for a natural, life-like look.

Partial Dentures – These types of dentures are suited for patients who’ve lost one or a few teeth.

Immediate Dentures – These dentures are meant to be worn temporarily and are fitted after your natural teeth are extracted.

Repairs and Relines – We offer repairs and relining for broken or ill-fitting dentures to make them feel new again.

Denture Care – We provide professional cleaning for dentures that require a deeper clean.

Mouthguards – Custom mouthguards that are made with precision to ensure a better fit and more protection than prefabricated mouthguards.

Denture Clinic Brisbane Locations

Visit our denture clinic in any of the following locations:

Why You’ll Love Us

You always come first

We know how important it is to have well-fitting, comfortable dentures, which is why we will never provide a product or service we believe isn’t right. This commitment to always putting our patients first is what makes us one of the best denture clinics in Brisbane.

Modern, state-of-the-art dentures

Gone are the days of fake-looking, unreliable dentures. At our denture clinic Brisbane, you’ll only receive top of the line dentures designed to fit comfortably and look natural. Using the latest innovative techniques, including computer-aided design and manufacturing, your dentures will feel just like the real thing.

5-year warranty

All dentures come with a 5-year warranty, which means if your dentures crack or break due to a flaw, we’ll happily repair or replace them.

We make your dentures ourselves

All dentures are designed and made in house at our denture clinic to ensure superior precision and quality. This gives you dentures that are made to your exact specifications, for a better-quality fit.

Exceptional care and service

We firmly believe in providing top-quality customer service, which is why we treat every patient with the utmost care and consideration. From the moment you enter the clinic, you’ll find out why Denture Health Care is the best denture clinic Brisbane wide.

We do whatever it takes to bring
you peace of mind

Denture Health Care Statement

All Denture Health Care oral appliances are crafted in our denture clinic under the direction of a clinician, using TGA approved equipment and materials.