Digital dentures are incredibly precise thanks to a technology that utilises principles of BPS dentures in perfect coordination of materials, CAD / CAM software and the milling unit. We build our digital dentures with precision and quality and to your exact requirements. Every contour of your mouth, teeth, and gums can be tracked and used to give you perfect-fitting dentures that look and feel comfortable.

Digital dentures minimise human error in production. No matter how complicated your dentures may be, they are guaranteed to be quality and a perfect fit. With the help of digital technology, we can produce dentures consistently and create the same set of dentures over and over with the same settings.

Digital dentures are the evolution of dentures, creating more possibilities and solutions for the patients of Denture Health Care. Call 1300 304 092 to make your appointment at Denture Health Care.

What are the Benefits of Digital Dentures?

Precision – Digital dentures offer an unparalleled accuracy in denture production, helping us create dentures that match your teeth and gums exactly with no polymerization shrinkage and no thermal influence on the base materials. The results are dentures that feel more comfortable, secure and natural from the moment you put them in.

Durability – We make our digital dentures from BPS® materials that provide high impact resistance and durability. Because we mill them from manufactured discs, we benefit from many processing advantages which help us deliver consistently high quality of material.

Consistency – Whether it’s your first set of dentures or your tenth, our system enables us to create the same set of dentures multiple times with no variation in design and fit. It’s the best solution if you want more than one set of dentures or replacements.

Digital Backup – If your digital dentures are damaged or lost, you don’t have to worry. Since the design was digitally created, your teeth can be remade at any point. In most instances, you only have to wait a couple of days to receive the replacements.

Customisable – Like other denture solutions, Digital Dentures offer plenty of options for customising its look and feel. Our digital denture system allows you to choose from different colours and materials, giving you dentures that provide the look and comfort level you want.

Convenience – Digital dentures are typically faster to make than traditional dentures. They are an excellent option for those who need quality dentures sooner rather than later.

Ivoclar Vivadent PM7 Machine for making digital dentures
IvoBase® CAD material for making digital dentures
Sr Vivodent® CAD material for making of digital dentures
PM7 Digital denture machine can back up your digital dentures
Ivoclar Vivadent PM7 Digital Denture Machine
Ivoclar Vivadent PM7 Machine used in the design and manufacture of digital dentures

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are 3D printed dentures?

Often referred to as digital dentures, they use computer-aided design and modern engineering equipment to create a denture that is form-fitted to your palate & mouth. An impression and mould are taken of your bite and jaw which is then sent to a lab where your denture is created using 3D modelling.

What are the advantages to 3D dentures?

There are several advantages when compared to traditional dentures. They are moulded to the shape of each person’s face and mouth which creates a better fit, the process is quicker, the materials are more durable and they can be quickly fixed or replaced if damaged or lost. For more information, contact us on 1300 304 092 to speak with one of our friendly experts.

How strong are 3D dentures?

They are made using a resin that is significantly stronger than the acrylic used in conventional dentures and thus are less likely to break or chip.

How long do 3D printed dentures last?

The resin used is very durable and typically lasts for more than a decade. Ultimately, the care and treatment given to them determines their longevity.

Can I print my own dentures?

It may not be practical as the overall cost is high. You would need a dental printer to create the moulds, medical grade resin and scans of your bite and jaw.

Are digital dentures appropriate for me?

Answering that properly takes a consultation. Contact us online or call 1300 304 092 to easily schedule yours today.