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BPS Dentures - Denture Health Care

BPS® Dentures

The Bio-functional Prosthetic System (BPS®) is transforming the way we see dentures.

Implant Dentures - Denture Health Care

Implant Dentures

Implant retained dentures are BPS® dentures that are secured onto permanent dental implants in the gum.

Lower Suction Dentures

Lower Suction Dentures

The most ideal way to achieve suction of the full lower denture is to combine this technique with BPS®.

Full Dentures

Full Dentures

A full denture comprises of an acrylic base and acrylic or composite denture teeth.

Partial Dentures - Denture Health Care

Partial Dentures

A removable partial denture is usually made to replace one or more missing natural teeth

Immediate Dentures

Immediate Dentures

Your dental prosthetist can guide you as to when the situation warrants you to have immediate dentures.

Repair Dentures

Repairs and Relines

Same Day Service – In most cases, repairs to an existing broken or cracked denture can be restored to its original state.

Denture Care

Denture Care

The thing most people don’t realise, is that it is important to treat your dentures as you should treat your natural teeth.

Coloured Mouthguards


Custom laminated mouthguards have the greatest colour combinations so ask your dental prosthetist for the latest colours.

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