According to Australian Government’s Australian Institute of Health and Welfare “Australia’s health 2016” report, in 2013 young people in the 15 – 24 years of age group of the Australian population were missing two teeth on average. Although the use of dentures increased with the age of respondents (older Australians were more likely to wear dentures, with 42% of those aged 65+ being denture wearers), dental prostheses are an equally viable option for missing tooth replacement in younger individuals. If you are a young adult or a guardian of a young person and researching best dentures for young adults, get in touch with our Brisbane denture clinic network to discuss your options, or continue reading to learn more.

Looking for the best dentures for young adults is not that different from looking dentures in general and depends mainly on your tooth replacement requirements. In that sense, there are no real “best dentures for young adults”, but there are options that could be better for you, depending on the circumstances as well as which, and how many of your teeth are missing, or whether you were referred in for dentures by a dental professional. There are, however, a few cases where making good and well-informed choices can get tricky.

Dentures for Teens

Dentures for teens are one of such instances. In teenagers, where the dental and facial development is still in progress, a temporary restoration may be a better option. A set of removable partial dentures may be an option worth discussing with the dental professional looking after your family. Partial dentures are an option usually recommended to patients missing one or multiple, but not necessarily all, teeth. At Denture Health Care, we typically recommend acrylic partial dentures as a temporary solution to missing teeth. Still, ultimately, the outcome of your professional consultation will determine your options in false teeth for young adults.

Dentures for Young Adults

The situation changes when choosing false teeth for young adults with developed facial and dental structures. Younger candidates for dentures may feel especially self-conscious, but there are a few denture options available which may be appropriate depending on your situation.

  • Immediate dentures – can help to avoid an awkward toothless period. Immediate dentures are typically prescribed to patients who need to have all of their teeth extracted and are meant to act as temporary replacements while waiting for the gums to heal and change shape before they are ready for permanent dentures.
  • Implant retained dentures – Implant retained dentures sit in the mouth more securely than traditional dentures, thanks to the implants surgically inserted into the jawbone which hold the denture close to the gum. This option can help to alleviate the younger patient’s fears that a denture could become dislocated or fall out of their mouth at an embarrassing time. Implant retained dentures stay in the mouth firmly while you chew or speak. Keep in mind, however, that there must be sufficient jawbone available to support the implants. To make an informed decision, make sure to talk to your dental professional.

If you have any further questions about what your choices might be when looking for best dentures for young adults, call us at Denture Health Care on 1300 304 092, or book an appointment online to get started today. We have a denture clinic near you.


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