Dental prosthetists answers the question 'Can you brush dentures while in your mouth?' by demonstrating on dentures.

Can You Brush Dentures While in Your Mouth?

A key part of taking care of dentures is keeping them clean and hygienic in your mouth. You want them to last a long time and function as they should over the years. When you get your dentures fitted your dental prosthetists will educate you on how to clean and care for your dentures, and a key part of keeping your dentures clean is regular brushing. Many people want to know, “can you brush dentures while in your mouth?” which is why we have sought to answer this question. Read on to find out about how to care for your dentures and to get some handy denture care tips on the best way to clean dentures.

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Can you brush dentures while in your mouth?

When it comes to cleaning your dentures, you should follow a few key tips so that your dentures are clean and functioning well. To answer the question of “can you brush dentures while in your mouth?” we say that yes, you can. You will need to use a soft bristled brush, and make sure you skip the toothpaste as many brands of commercial toothpaste can damage dentures.

However, while you can brush your dentures while they are in your mouth, you will need to remove your dentures to perform a thorough clean of all surfaces. So, in many cases it’s easier and more time-effective to simply remove your dentures from your mouth to give them a good clean. Here are some of our top denture care tips:

  • You must clean all food debris and plaque from your dentures every day. You should use a specialised denture cleaning paste to clean your dentures – whether they are a full or partial denture.
  • Remove your dentures carefully and give them a good clean to brush away food and plaque.
  • You should use regular toothpaste (or the toothpaste recommended by your dental technician) when cleaning your existing teeth.
  • Clean your dentures thoroughly using a soft-bristled brush and take care of get all of the food debris from your dentures before leaving them to dry or keeping your dentures in a cup of cold, fresh water.

Brush your teeth with your dentures in by all means, but twice a day you will need to remove dentures to perform a thorough clean of all surfaces. Caring for your dentures is critical to ensure you get the best possible use and enjoyment out of them.

Best way to clean dentures

There is plenty of information out there about caring for your dentures, and we wanted to explore some of the denture care information for our patients and readers. You will need to clean your dentures thoroughly, as discussed above, by removing them and ensuring you clean all the surfaces with a soft toothbrush. Beyond that, there are some other key tips including:

  • Clean your dentures over a basin half-filled with water, or leaning over a soft towel, so that your dentures do not break in case you drop them.
  • Brush your gums, tongue, and the roof of your mouth every morning and evening to ensure that your mouth stays clean and fresh.
  • If your dentures accumulate a build-up of tartar you can soak them in a dilution of vinegar water, with one-part vinegar to four parts water.
  • Remove your dentures before you go to bed every night and keep them in a glass of water or denture solution to keep them moist.

Finally, if your mouth is sore when you are wearing your dentures you can speak to your dental prosthetist about getting your dentures readjusted. Don’t try to adjust your dentures yourself as it may cause damage to them.

We hope this has answered the question of “can you brush dentures while in your mouth!” A good rule of thumb is that you should brush your dentures as regularly as you brush your teeth, which means that twice daily cleaning should be the norm.

Speak to our friendly team for more tips on how to care for dentures and find out more about how we can help you with your denture needs in Brisbane.

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