What to Expect with Dentures - Five Things You May Experience After Getting Your First Pair

Dentures are the best replacement for your fallen teeth. If you happen to lose a tooth due to some unfavorable circumstances, then an artificial tooth is placed where the natural tooth used to be, which can sometimes be an unnatural feeling. We have compiled a list of what to expect with dentures and a few new denture tips. Continue reading to learn what to expect when getting dentures. You may also be interested in finding out more about getting used to new dentures or when to get new dentures in general.

What to Expect with Dentures

1) Taking better care of your sore gums and getting used to the new dentures

After getting your dental implants, you are likely to develop the sore areas in your gums within 24 hours. This situation is very common, and in general, dentists give you an appointment after 24 hours to look at and make the adjustments. You should never try to adjust the dental implants on your own; a denture realignment should be only be completed by a denture technician. If due to soreness, you have to remove the whole denture, then it is recommended to re-insert them at least 12 hours prior to adjustment appointment. It is because the concerned dentist needs to see the pressure points in your gums and find the cause of the sore gums. Once the pressure areas are found, the doctor then adjusts the dentures accordingly. Once the sore gums problem is solved, the dentures would get settled, although it may take time adjusting to dentures.

2) Proper practice of chewing with dentures

Difficulty chewing food in the very early stages of having your new dentures is usually what to expect with dentures. to chew your food with dentures might be difficult in the beginning. Normally, it takes around 4 weeks to 8 weeks for anyone to get used to chewing food with dentures. Therefore, it is advised to choose soft and easy food to chew in the beginning and as you get used to the dentures, you can gradually try the harder food. Moreover, it is also recommended to chew your food on both sides of the mouth in order to keep your dentures stable. Food should be placed in between the teeth and the corners of your mouth rather than trying to eat using the front teeth. If you use your front teeth, the chances are that the dentures would rise from behind and can get unstable.

3) Eating practice with dentures

It is a whole different experience when it comes to eating with your new dentures. With your new dentures, you should know what to expect. Obviously, the way you used to eat is now gone and it will never be the same. With natural teeth, you could eat any food in any way possible. Eating a carrot or an apple was never a problem, but eating these things the way you used to is almost impossible. So, in order to consume carrot or an apple, you specifically need to cut them into very small pieces before they enter your mouth. Once they enter your mouth, chew them slowly and properly. It is advised to follow the similar process for every fruit or vegetable of the same type you wish to eat. Stuffing your mouth with your favorite food is not possible anymore. Every bite has to be carefully taken so as to avoid completely filling up your mouth, which can be very painful with dentures.

4) Speak with your new dentures

It might sound funny when you try to talk with your new dentures in place. With the natural teeth gone, the tongue movement will not be the same and the pronunciation may be very different. It is practice and practice only that will help you get back your dialect. Start with difficult words, speak out loud and listen to the sounds; your brain and tongue will slowly get used to your new speaking style and you will be able to talk properly again. The only effort you have to put in is to master your tongue. Once your tongue adjusts to your momentum, everything will start getting its place. Practicing out loud is the best way to get there faster.

5) Cleaning your dentures regularly

Ongoing cleaning is a key part of what to expect with dentures as your dentures need to be regularly taken care of in order to keep them in proper shape. Using brushes and harsh methods of cleaning would damage them as they are not your natural teeth. Therefore, dentists recommend using subtle and gentle methods to keep your dentures in shape. Brush your dentures gently every day and then soak them overnight. Soaking them overnight is a great method to keep them in shape. Any careless action would result in more problems, the worst being the situation where buying new dentures become the mandate. So, be extremely cautious not to damage them.

Smile confidently with your new dentures

Although dentures are artificial and will not perfectly match with your natural teeth, they are a great option when you have already lost some of your teeth. Every time you smile, people have the tendency to notice and judge. It is also difficult to sleep on either side because the pain is in your mouth. So, getting appropriate dentures according to your requirement and convenience is really the best choice to make in such circumstances. You can get a smile makeover now and can walk with confidence. Getting dentures might save you from a lot of difficulties. Most of all, a happy smile is worth the pain.

Trust Denture Health Care for Tailored Care

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