Five Guiding Steps to Wear Your Dentures Without Pain

Finally, your long awaited wish of getting new dentures is fulfilled! How amazing it feels, no? You are happy as you can now eat properly and smile without any second thoughts. But at the same time, you are stressed as your new dentures can be a bit troublesome in beginning. Yes, they can be, but not if you handle them properly and follow your dentist’s instructions strictly. Without sparing any moment further, let’s have a quick look at the 5 steps that would help you in wearing dentures without any pain. Continue reading to learn about treatment for sore gums due to dentures.

1. Get your immediate dentures adjusted

You got your teeth removed and thought that you would no longer require visiting your dentist frequently? Might be, but hold on for a while. After you get your teeth removed, there is a dozen of chemical and biological processes that happen in your mouth. Your gums and bones start shrinking and show changes as the healing process starts. Thus, you might need adjustments in your immediate dentures after one or two months as your gums start healing, and that’s a positive sign.

2. Reline your permanent dentures

After your gums have healed completely, your immediate dentures would be replaced by permanent dentures. However, you might feel the need of getting your permanent dentures relined to get the perfect fit. This is because of the continuous changes in your gums and the healing process that starts after you wear permanent dentures, disturbs the fit of your permanent dentures. An acrylic material is used to reline hard denture while a softer and flexible material is used for relining a soft denture.

3. Make use of temporary pain relief options

Since you have now got your dentures relined as per the current fit, there still can be occasional instances when you can face gum irritation and pain. But if you are keeping busy and are not able to take the time out to visit your dentist, you can still do your little bit to control the pain by improving the fit of your dentures with the use of a denture adhesive. This is not a permanent solution but can help you in fetching some relief temporarily. Simply, put two to three dabs of adhesive on your upper and lower denture. You can also make use of a gums pain relieving ointment to get relief.

4. Pay an immediate visit to your dentist if pain persists

An average set of dentures lasts somewhere between 5 to 7 years, and during this time span, your gum and bones might shrink with age or your jaws can show alignment changes. This disturbs the fit of your dentures and results in denture sore spots, pain, infection and facial problems.

A dentist in such cases can advise you to buy new dentures if they have become too old or might reline them with soft denture material if your gums have become too tender and soft.

In certain cases, denture stomatitis could also be the reason behind the pain. This is a yeast infection which is caused due to ill-fit dentures.

5. Treat them like your babies

Last but not the least; take supreme care of your dentures. Remove and rinse your dentures after having a meal to prevent any infection from creeping inside. Also, make it a point to brush your dentures daily as you would do your natural teeth.

Ensure that you maintain their shape, no matter what. Do not let them dry, as this will make them lose their shape. Avoid soaking them in hot water as this can lead to warping. When not in use, keep them soaked properly in water or denture cleaner solution in a container.

Wrapping Up

The above-mentioned steps are a perfect answer to how to heal mouth sores from dentures and may provide relief in the way of treatment for sore gums due to dentures. Take care of oral hygiene and the fit of your dentures to have a happy mouth.

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