Implants or Dentures - What is Right for You?

Missing teeth can impact your life in more ways than one, as not only can it make you feel self-conscious of your appearance, but it can also pose a threat to your oral health. However, considering there’s a lot of options for teeth replacement on the market, you might be wondering what the best option is for you between implants or dentures. If you’re not missing enough teeth to qualify for full dentures, the options are even more varied, ranging from partial dentures, implant retained dentures and tooth implants.

To help you work out which appliance is the best for your lifestyle, we’ve taken a quick look at the benefits of each option in our article ‘Implants or dentures – What is right for you?’

Implants or Dentures: What are the benefits?

Benefits of partial dentures

What are the benefits of partial dentures? Partial dentures are a wonderful solution if you’re missing one or more teeth, as they use a clasp system to easily clip into your mouth. Of all the benefits of partial dentures, the biggest one would be ease of use. Unlike full dentures, which require suction, partial dentures use the framework of your surrounding teeth to attach. They prevent your remaining teeth from shifting into the gaps and help restore oral health to its prior function. Partial dentures are designed to blend seamlessly with the rest of your teeth, as a good dental prosthetist will ensure the gum and tooth colour match yours exactly.

Benefits of partial dentures include:
  • Improved appearance and self confidence.
  • Evenly disperses pressure to all sides of jaw when chewing.
  • Prevents facial changes as a result of bone absorption.
  • Takes pressure of other teeth, preventing more wear and tear from occurring.
  • May improve speech function if missing teeth were at front of mouth.

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Benefits of tooth implants

There are plenty of benefits of tooth implants for the replacement of one or more teeth, though they are a bit more costly than dentures. Dental implants involve small screws being drilled into your jawbone, and an artificial tooth or crown being placed on top. though this sounds a little bit grisly, it’s actually a great solution for your oral health as the implant replaces the lost tooth root. This in turn, can prevent bone loss from occurring, which often happens when there’s no longer a root to support the bone. If you have more than a few teeth missing, implants may prove a bit too costly. However, implant retained dentures can offer that additional bit of security, without breaking the bank. These types of retainers involve four dental implants being installed into the bone, acting as an anchor for a denture to attach to.

Benefits of tooth implants include:
  • Can prevent loss of bone mass in your jaw.
  • Highly convenient, as it doesn’t need to be removed.
  • Prevents changes in the face from occurring as a result of tooth loss.
  • Easy to care for, as no special products are needed.
  • Helps support surrounding teeth.

We hope our article on ‘implants or dentures’ has given you some more information on the right dental prosthetic for your needs.

If you’d like to discuss whether implants or dentures is right for you, we welcome you to book an appointment with one of our dental prosthetists to discuss your options.

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